If you’re close to me at all, you’ll know I’m one of those people that spends a lot longer in airports than she should. In my head, it’s something to do with the fact I refuse to pay $54.99 a night for a hotel close to the airport and would rather sleep on a chair in a large hallway instead. Which I’ve just spent the past four hours doing, dreaming of looking for a blanket because I was so cold.berryjam.rufilm Rock ‘n Roll 2017 streaming

So why am I always sleeping in these waiting places? Probably because the two cheapest flights ever quite match up in time, and in this case, the cheapest flight got in at midnight of the day my plane left at 12. And since I can’t justify a $35 cab fare to the city for cheap accommodation or $54.99 a night for close accommodation, I am reduced to waiting eight to nine hours to check my bags in so I am free to wander with a little less stuff.

To be quite honest, I’m not sure if this post is really saying anything, and since I’m half asleep I really can’t reread it and figure it out. This one is probably going to disappear in the morning. And I mean the real morning, not 4 am.

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  1. I’m confused! Are you alone? I thought you were on a trip WITH someone?

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