There’s SO many things I could be writing about right now. I should tell you about my cooking classes and riding elephants and white water rafting in Thailand. I could tell you about the scams at the Cambodian border and small children and monks who managed to scam me. I should tell you about the long boat to Laos and all the great people I met. I could tell you about riding (and crashing) a scooter in Vietnam, and the tailor that wanted me to marry him. I would tell you about all this. Except why should I?

I’m doing so many new and (somewhat) interesting things each and every day that I just feel so overwhelmed when it comes to blogging and informing you all of what crazy things I’ve been involving myself in. Imagine if I blogged about every cool thing I did. Imagine how many more people might be visiting my blog if I had cool stories about Thailand and Vietnam.

But I never feel like rehashing any of the stuff I’ve already done, and I’m also a really terrible travel blogger. I have nothing really helpful on this blog about hostels, or booking flights or travel rates in Cambodian tuk-tuks, even though if anyone needed information I could totally help them out. Really, I’m actually a wealth of information for how to avoid border scams and then get scammed by monks later that week. It’s an experience, I tell ya.

So should I start writing helpful posts on here or should I start another blog purely for travel tips and whatnot? I┬ásort of feel like I should be writing in a style like the Globetrotter Girls but I kind of enjoy writing about how kids run about in Asia instead. So while I have these few short hours with the computer to check flight details (stay tuned for news on that front) I’m going to churn out a couple of posts that may actually be helpful to anyone planning to travel through South-East Asia.

Note that I say may be helpful, not will. It’s probably a lot more likely that they will be very sarcastic and you will get more of my whacky stories about tailors telling me we’re a couple out of the blue, and falling through bamboo rafts. Seriously, I do some interesting shit.

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