We’ve only got two and a half weeks left of our trip! And only one week left in Vietnam.

It’s at this point that I’m torn between wanting to never go back and not being able to wait to go home. The biggest reason for wanting to head home at this point is to get some other people between Tim and I before we kill each other from limited exposure to the outside world, and to earn a substantial amount of money so that I can just come back and live over here. Why can’t I win the lotto!

On the other hand, when we’re riding through the greenest rice fields I’ve ever seen, or scooting around cliffs facing out into beautiful blue ocean, I never ever want to leave and I realise that my life right now is the stuff that other people’s daydreams are made of. Which is a little mind-blowing.

However, Tim is standing at the window and I can tell he wants us to get on our bikes and get moving already, so I’ll publish this and run along. Today’s mission is Mui Ne (sand dune central) and apparently it’s going to take three hours. Which really means five or six. Wah ):


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