Okay so this may jinx me a little, but I’ve spoken very little about this position until now so I figured I can finally spill the beans!Укладка нового пола? Легко!

Today I’m off to Walgett, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. Why? Because someone is going to pay me to go down there and hang out and do some paperwork. I’m not going to be so tell-all with the finer details until I’ve really experienced it, but from the information I’ve been given it seems like an amazing job! I’m actually super excited and I’m looking totally fly today as well so that always helps.

Just a quick blog post to break my absence and let you all know that if this is a sham and I’m killed in Walgett (dear god no) I would like to be buried in back with coins on my eyes. Open casket!!

See you soon xo

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