Price: $6.30 AUD per night for a twelve bed, air conditioned dorm.
Location: 5 minutes from Lumphini MRT and Lumphini Boxing Stadium.
Staff: Helpful, happy and sweet.
Sleeping: Really good. Good temperature, and the couch upstairs is comfy too.
Facilities: Always clean and readily available. Hot showers possible.
Laundry: Available next door, 40 baht per kilo and ready within 24 hours.
Internet: Free wifi that works on all levels, and 3 computers with all-hours access and net connection.

I’ve actually been excited to write this review, because aside from May De Ville Backpackers in Hanoi, and the Sea and Sand Hotel in Hoi An, both in Vietnam and both places I would recommend, ETZzz Hostel was my favourite place I’ve stayed in SE Asia.

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Price: $6.90 AUD per night for a ten bed, air conditioned dorm.
Location: 8 minutes from Khao San Road.
Staff: Distant and uninterested.
Sleeping: So-so. If you’re a light sleeper, the sound from the busy main road may make it hard to get to sleep.
Facilities: Mostly clean and readily available. Warm showers possible.
Laundry: 40 baht per kilo and ready within 24 hours. May or may not be damp.
Internet: Free wifi offered, but mostly unreliable. Internet cafe down the street for 20 Baht per half hour.

Feel @ Home Backpackers was the first place I’ve stayed at by myself in Bangkok, but sadly, I can’t say I felt “at home” or anywhere close to it. And I know it’s just a name, but what I’m really trying to say is that I enjoyed my stay here the least of all the places I’ve stayed, every time I’ve been in Bangkok. At my last hostel I actually told a girl NOT to stay here.

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Hanging out on the rooftop at ETZzz Hostel

Sometimes I met really rad people and whilst I will eventually blog about all of them, so far, this has been my favourite gang.

In this group there’s Nick, Josh, Helena, Hanna, Rianne, Ellie – all who are teaching English in Malaysia – and then Jeff, Andre, Leo and myself. This was our party crew for Khao San, minus Leo and Jeff, and then it was our hangout crew/s for the next two days. Team A and Team B, as we were christened by Leo. I just had a really awesome time with everyone, and today the last of the crew checked out and headed on to another location, and I’m the last one left here now ))):

Tomorrow I’ll be checking into my 1 Baht a night (3 cents!) accommodation, and basically I’m praying that the rooftop there is at least half as rad as ours was here at ETZzz Hostel – which I totally recommend staying in if you’re ever in Bangkok!

I’ve been doing a whole bunch of stuff lately, mostly just meeting amazing people from all over Europe (United Kingdom mostly though) and hanging out with them.

I know that I need to blog about everything that’s been going on, from my creepy couchsurfer guy, to English teaching scams, to cocktail buckets on Khao San and so on. But when I think about blogging I really just cannot be stuffed, and I know it’s because I’m one of those writers who needs to be “in the mood” to actually get anything good out. Which will probably be a really annoying trait for me to have seeing as I just got accepted into a Bachelor of Communications (journalism) and my main task will be writing.

Anyway, I’m going to try and get up to date with everything that’s been going on, so stay tuned for things that will probably make my parents a little freaked out. Mum, it was only two cocktail buckets AND I shared them!

So I just booked a ticket to Singapore the other day (FOR $99 OMFG) even though I had no money saved at all for this trip I want to embark upon.Visual Cage

And I just tossed a coin to figure out which date I should fly home on.

You can all already tell this is a well thought out, seriously researched trip. Stay tuned.

When I ditched the travel adventure and came home early, every person I talked to about it assumed it was because I hated travelling and it wasn’t my thing. I’ve lost count of the conversations where I’ve had to tell people “Don’t get me wrong, I looooove travelling!” And then they thought I was insane because if I love travelling so much, then why in the world was I home!?kahovka-service

Just the way we were going about it didn’t appeal to me hugely – I personally felt like we were moving far too fast and at times it seemed like I was missing more than I was seeing. Which definitely got me a little down in the dumps, and I didn’t want to see New York if I could only spend three days there. It just seemed like.. a waste. I know, lately I’ve been giving my opinion on subjects and it’s probably making people think I’m really insane. Doesn’t want to travel fast, doesn’t want even two days in NYC, doesn’t want a real job… Who is this hippie freak!? I just have a lot of unpopular opinions, alright?

So yeah, I bailed on the travel. And while I have shed no tears about America, even with my family going to New York soon and knowing I won’t be there, south-east Asia is a hugely different story.

I MISS ASIA! I miss everything about it, the food, the people, the transport and the adventures and everything being so so cheap… I spend an inordinate amount of time each day just thinking about all of the things I miss and where I would go as soon as I get the chance to go back again. Just a couple of days ago I wrote about how good it felt to turn down a job that wasn’t right and then today I got an email from an airline company telling me about a sale, which meant I spent a fair amount of time wondering if I took the job, and saved my pay, if I could be in Asia right now. I just miss it so hugely and would love the chance to be back. If I could go back tomorrow, just pack my bags and run, I would in a heartbeat.

It’s not that I regret leaving my family to come home. It’s not that I regret coming back to Australia. I just wish I could’ve found a cheap flight to Bangkok and spent some time there before I came home to try and settle into a normal, working, teenage life. I just want to be among the hustle and bustle, do a little more adventuring before I attempt to settle down and try not to go to a new city every other week. It’s kind of weird knowing that I’ve moved somewhere new and now I have to stay here. I guess it’s still pretty hard for me to shake the constant urge to just move to a new place when I want a new adventure. I need to get my license so I can just go for a drive on the weekend to somewhere new and shake off the travel urge that way.

The good thing about my desire to go to Asia is that I have an even bigger desire to save money and make travelling in the near future a realistic possibility. Maybe this time I’ll take Kelsey with me and we can go exploring together!

So today I am having an epic struggle. I just got hired to write articles and someone is going to actually pay me for it. Awesome, right?

Not really so much. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I started jumping around all excited when I got the email that said someone wanted to pay me to write for them, and the poor guy who happened to be sitting next to me must’ve thought I was out of my mind. So I’m really excited to write, and I was more excited to find out my first article was going to be about travel. I’m practically a travel master by this point, so I figured it would be really easy. Except when it came to the first sentence, I was stuck. Writer’s block was so bad that I couldn’t even write a BAD sentence to get me started.

So I started talking to my friend felix who lives in England, and I asked him what the coolest place in the world was. He told me something I really didn’t expect. He said “wherever you feel safest.”

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We were getting ready to leave Yosemite (after hanging out with Family Trek for a couple of days) but of course, not before we hung out and used their free wifi! I think everyone should be proud of me, and probably more proud of my sister Kate, for not using wifi the whole time we stayed there. Seriously, we should get medals that say “Resisted Lure of Internet due to Waterfalls and Mountains” – hang on a moment while I Google and see if we really could have medals made…

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Today (even though I have sooo many things to write about and catch-up on) I’ve decided to write a little bit about the cute kids we’ve seen so far – and about something really special and different I’ve noticed about the kids here in South-East Asia.

It’s probably worth saying that I’m not a kid person. I think random babies are cute, but as soon as they make any type of noise, I am out of the immediate area like a shot. I don’t do toddlers (or they don’t do me, whatever) and any kid older than that takes one look at me and quickly finds somewhere else to be. Only one baby has ever captured my heart, and that would be my baby cousin, Nicholas. Or as I call him, Baby St. Nick.

If you don't think he's the cutest baby ever, then we probably shouldn't talk anymore...

So apart from him, there’s no real attraction to kids for me. Until we reached Malaysia. There is just something about the kids here. Something that kids back in Australia don’t have or don’t exude like the littlies here do. And it’s actually really great.

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