Okay, so this is going to be a lot less eloquent and insightful than my last post was, so just bear with me and eventually I’ll post something intelligent again.
Currently I’m sitting in my first uni lecture of a course I’m actually attending (I’ve crashed a mate’s course before) and everyone is on a ten minute break. So obviously, I’m blogging.ReTeks

So far so good in uni, except for the fact I just embarrassed myself in front of my entire lecture by being called up to do something I’ve actually got no clue how to do. Everyone laughed (me included) as I ran away back to my seat. I could be well on my way to establishing myself as the class clown already. Great!

Anyway, my lecturer is chatting about the Nazi’s (wait, this is a film class right??) so I better sign off and figure out why the heck Hitler is being mentioned.