So this one is coming a little late, because by now it’s been about two weeks since my birthday, oops. But it’s finally happens, I am officially an adult. Hoorah!film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 online

Instead of having just my birthday in Bangkok, I decided to be just a little more self-absorbed and treated myself to a birthday week. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘birthday week’ it’s really just an excuse for people with far too much money to celebrate for the week leading up to the big day. Now obviously I am not someone with far too much money, unless I’m in Bangkok, where I become stupidly rich – in my eyes anyway. So let me tell y’all what I got up to.

I could’ve started my week on a Monday because my birthday this year fell on a Sunday, but seven days of myself would’ve maybe driven me mad, so instead I settled for five and began my week on the 20th. On the first day I was moving hostels, so to cheer myself up I went and got my nose pierced, the same thing I did for my birthday last year. Hopefully this now-yearly birthday ‘tradition’ doesn’t continue into 2013, because it hurt like hell this time. Worse than my tattoo! I maybe even cried a little. Maybe. Luckily, I cheered myself up with a fake plum Casio watch, and a real plum Revlon lipstick. I swear, lipstick soothes all my wounds.

On the 21st, I bought the only dress on the street I’d seen that would fit me, and then bought a new handbag to go with it. Hopefully this bag fares better than my last one from SE Asia, which I fell in love with, and in return, it fell apart. *tear*
The 22nd is actually a mystery to me (I should keep a diary) other than what I did for dinner, which was treat myself to the first, last and only real restaurant meal I had during my stay in Bangkok. I went to Himali Cha Cha & Son, a lovely little Indian place where I stuffed my face with palak paneer and garlic naan. Good, expensive times.

When I woke up the next day, I was resolved to go and rewatch 007: Skyfall at the Lido, but alas, when I finally got there only Breaking Dawn: Part II was showing. Not being one to turn down a movie experience, and needing to see how it all ended, I went and saw it. It actually wasn’t that bad, the slightly cringeworthy moments aside. Returning from that outing to the New Road Guesthouse, the gang there announced they were all headed to the Sky Bar, so I tagged along to admire Bangkok from great heights. This is actually an outing I would recommend to you if you visit the city.

If you’re unaware, the Sky Bar is located on the 64th floor of the Sky Tower. This probably sounds super unfamiliar, but if you’ve seen The Hangover II and remember the rooftop confrontation scene, then you’ve seen the Sky Bar in all it’s glory, as it was filmed here. They’re still serving the “Hangovertini” – a specially created cocktail for the cast and crew of the movie – and will probably keep serving it for the next ten years.  Whilst I was up there, my birthday ‘treat’ was the most expensive mojito of my life. Excuse me, but fuck VAT and service tax.

On my birthday eve, the 24th, I played leader in an outing with three Dutch girls to the Chatuchak weekend markets, another outing I’d recommend if Bangkok is your destination. All I bought there was a hairband and some of my beloved smoked chicken which is so good. That night I dragged my new Dutch friend, Florine, to see Cloud Atlas. I’d been obsessing over this movie for about two weeks since first seeing the trailer – which I’ve nicely placed below for your viewing pleasure.

Even though we both left a little dazed and confused, it was a beautifully made movie which I would recommend to anyone who is capable of following multiple storylines. But perhaps read the book first.
Returning home from the cinema, we watched the clock tick over to the 25th, Florine brought me a beer and sang Happy Birthday and then we crashed out in bed.

Finally at the big day itself, I woke up at 6 am and wandered off to Mcdonalds in the rain for the best hashbrowns ever, and when I returned to the guesthouse and awoke after a nap, Florine fed me pancakes and tea and we set off on the boat towards Khao San Road. When we got there we headed off to the “massage garden” that Mark recommended to me, and left about two hours later feeling quite refreshed after our massages in little tents. Following this, I watched proudly as Florine bartered down the prices of some cute dresses for us both, and then we triumphantly took a tuk tuk home, with some obligatory tailor stops along the way. My birthday adventure would’ve ended there, if not for the taxi driver I encountered at the airport on the way to my next hostel.

After driving around for about an hour without the meter on, looking for Airport Backpackers Lounge, we finally found the place and the time came to haggle the price down to something reasonable. Imagine my surprise when instead, the taxi driver offered to take me to dinner. I agreed, and he drove me to Banglamphu, and we ate the best fish soup ever in a little street restaurant. Then he drove me all the way back to my hostel – not without some awkward attempts at handholding and me squeaking “Have boyfriend!!” – and let me out without paying for anything. Oh, and he even gave me a hat as my “present, present” for the day. Such a lovely guy, who really gave the day a great (and slightly hilarious) ending.

All in all, I think that this week and my birthday were perhaps the best so far. And now that I’m an adult, I can happily stop ageing and and never celebrate getting older ever again. But hey, if someone wants to give me some ice cream cake when I get home, I wouldn’t be totally adverse to it.

So if partying and travelling are two things that appeal to you, there’s a fair chance you’ve heard of Khao San Road, located in Bangkok, Thailand. If not, Khao San Road is an infamous party road in Bangkok, in the Banglamphu district. It’s filled with market stalls, pad Thai and roti carts, tattooists, tuk tuks, bars and restaurants. Mostly frequented by tourists and backpackers, young and old, it seems to constantly be awake and thriving, no matter the hour.

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Srsly I’m sobbing on Courts’ shoulder on the couch right now because not only is Singapore crazily expensive, but hostelbookers also somehow think it’s okay to advertise private rooms for $11* and then SNATCH MY HOPES AND DREAMS AWAY when they reveal you have to have four people to get that price! LIKE WHO TRAVELS IN PACKS OF FOUR!? Other than my family currently, but whatever. It is NOT FAIR to advertise it like that!

I’m actually just having a semi-stressful day because I have to pay for accommodation and I don’t have any Singapore dollars yet even though I’m leaving the country in TWO DAYS (not kidding, I am the shittest planner out) and I don’t even want to pay Translink to take me to Indooroopilly so I can get some money because parting with four bucks makes me want to sob desperately on the floorboards. Also on the agenda today was a crappy day at work with my manager who does not like me (and trust me I’m not hugely into them either) and then I bought this bra that ended up just giving me a terrible backache and now I have to return it. AND I have to get up at something like four am in two days for this flight so I’m just praying to the gods of travel that I get some sleep on the plane.

Sorry for this mental girl blogging but I am just in a state of panic right now and I want to sleep and maybe cry (and by maybe I mean definitely) but instead I have to wash things and rearrange my bag AGAIN just to make sure I will definitely be able to take it on the plane with me. Ugh ugh ugh I am suddenly SUPER unexcited and I’m just glad I have a day off tomorrow to get everything done and dusted and hopefully just finish everything up so I can quit stressing over every little thing.

* If you’re lucky enough to be in a group of four then check out the Queens Hostel, Singapore because it seems to be the cheapest private accommodation there is.

Now, before I begin. If you’re not someone who is into signs or spiritual things and tend to scoff at them, then I suggest you just leave this post now. Leave it and leave our friendship intact because I’m going to probably say stuff you think is weird and I still want to be mates (and not have you think I’m an idiot.)RA Grani

If you’re still with me then good. It means you semi-believe in fate, signs, etc or it means you want to see just how weird I really am. Either way.. I am someone who believes in signs and I find it hard to say “oh, it’s just a coincidence” when things all seem to point towards one thing or seem to be showing me something. DON’T JUDGE ME because this isn’t the weirdest thing someone has ever said, and certainly not the weirdest thing I’ve ever said. Be glad that I’m not like Jim Carrey from ‘The Number 23’ because that kind of sign-searching can get loco, real fast. I’m pretty controlled in my whole “universe is talking to me” thing, I promise. Why am I talking about this? Because today I was getting some pretty crazy signs.

I had an interview for a summer casual job today that I woke up excited about. The fact that I woke up at 5 am feeling awful should’ve been my first indicator, but I’m pretty oblivious. By the time I finally got out of work, after they kept me back, I missed my bus to the station. There was another one in half an hour, but I was filled with this complete lack of interest in going to this interview. I just didn’t want to go, at all, anymore. But I made myself get on the next bus, and everything was going fine. Until the bus broke down.

Luckily, Luke was on his lunch break and was lovely enough to come and pick me up and take me to the station. Where I missed my train by one minute. Sixty freaking seconds. Anyone else seeing some signs here? Cause I am.
After I waited around for another half an hour, I caught the train and made it to the shopping centre where I had my interview. And I wasn’t even late, how awesome, right? Wrong.

Because the store where I was meant to have my interview? Doesn’t exist. Isn’t there. I couldn’t find it on the map, in the directory, on the Internet and I couldn’t even find it after walking around each level of the shopping centre three times. So I travelled for forty minutes, for what? To try and go to an interview in a store that doesn’t exist. But wait, there’s more!

Yeah, my life is like a bad sitcom that isn’t ever funny. After I walked out of the shopping centre, I sprained my ankle really nastily. Then some guy nearly ran me over with his bike, while slurring out some kind of pickup line. Then the guy at the ticket office wouldn’t let me use the student card that I just used two hours prior and I had to pay the full fare – which used up the rest of my cash. Such an awesome day!

I can’t really help thinking that my initial sense of foreboding, the sudden “omg I do not wanna go” thoughts, they should’ve been the first indicator to just not go to this place that wasn’t even there. I wasted my money, my afternoon and I feel totally crap now after a whole day of the world yelling “YOU’RE AN IDIOT” at my face and just ignoring it. This has been a bit of a whiney post and I may delete it, I just needed to vent my spleen and get it all out. But tell me, if you’ve stuck through the sob story this far, do you ever get signs or feelings that there’s a message floating around that you need to see/hear?

So at the end of my previous post about returning to Brisbane, I informed you all that I actually wasn’t in Brisbane. Yeah, I know, I should’ve changed the title or something, but I am not one to mess with alliteration. Guess I better explain what’s going on – I know my family is aware of what I’m up to, but I’m sure I must be confusing my handful of readers who check back every now and then to see what I’m up to.

I’m currently in the town of Wollongong (or close enough) in New South Wales, Australia. Why am I here, you ask? Why am I not living it up in Bek’s bedroom in Brisbane? (that should’ve been the title of my last post, damn)

The answer, I guess, is that it’s all Dean’s fault. I’m still debating whether or not I should link you to his website – he’s a professional drummer – but that wouldn’t be as much fun as telling you the story myself, would it? More »

I originally came online to write about Cambodia, bus rides, trekking and Thai food. But now that I’m actually online, I started writing all of those posts and realised I’m not really going to get anywhere if my heart isn’t in it. I know people read this blog to find out about the stuff I’m doing, but for now, I’m going to write about what I’m thinking. Because lately, I haven’t really been feeling travel, and I can’t really tell if that’s bad or not.

Most people are probably going to think I’m ungrateful/whiney/sulky/whatever. Even my friends/family who read this will probably think the same. But I’m writing it all down anyway, because it’s the only way that I’ll be able to stop thinking about it all the time. This is also a fairly long post (as long as my high-school essays) so if you don’t want to read about how I’m feeling, I’d just stop here.

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I have finally decided that I’m not going to use Tumblr for my travel blog anymore. It’s a really great idea to begin with, but in fact, people can’t communicate, tell me what they love/hate and all of the traffic on the site comes from within the site. Lame if I’m looking to actually get somewhere and get publicity from this blogging.

So I’m keeping Tumblr for my personal mess of thoughts, emotions, pretty pictures and stunning shoes, and my other side-blogs that only have image-based content. But I’m moving something that I want to turn profitable and public to a better site for it.

Sorry Tumblr! So back to re-learning WordPress and all of the little tricks and secrets I once knew. Tumblr can stay pretty, WordPress can be public. This is hopefully going to be a lot better.

P.S. Tumblr has recently started having massive spasms, and doing crazy stuff like not letting me edit a published post and deleting entire saved posts. Not. Happy.

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write the first post for this blog for about a month and a half now, and I’ve been putting it off and off and off, mainly because our plans kept changing and evolving. But now it’s mostly set in place, so I can finally blog about it!

First off, I need to tell you all what’s happening. My mother decided a few months ago that since I was finishing high school and she really really wanted a reason to go back to Las Vegas and knew we wouldn’t let her escape without us, that we should go travelling. It began as plans to go to Las Vegas and have her and my stepdad spend two weeks there, and then my brother and sister and I would fly over for the last week.
And then, my mother decided that it would be a better idea if we went travelling to more of America. For a longer period of time, like say, an entire year. And so the plans began.

It was a year around America, no plans. And then a year around America, in an RV and hotels. We wanted to be in Las Vegas for the World Poker Tour, but couldn’t figure out how that would work, because we wanted to be in New York for Christmas, and in Pennsylvania in February for Punxsutawney Phil – so plans weren’t really working out!

And then one day my mother told me plans had changed again, and due to issues with Visas taking too long and costing a lot of money (!) we couldn’t spend the whole year in the US.
So now plans are Asia for three months, USA for three months, Europe for three months, and then the US for three months again before we came home.
Still a year abroad, but in lots more places with lots more to experience.

My mother has christened the trip our “Life Changing Year” and blogs about it on her site Life Changing Year and uses her Twitter to update about it as well.

I’ll be using this blog before we go and of course while we’re away to share all the interesting news and adventures, and I’ll also be vlogging about it on my YouTube channel and tweeting about it here. I’m addicted to social media!