We’re all more than aware that alcohol will have an effect on pretty much everyone who consumes it, and we know that it differs from person to person, and even sometimes with people, the effects differ depending on their drink. It does things to us, and that’s usually why people consume it – to get that something.Заборы

But just as we’re all aware that there are good effects, it’s also widely known that there are bad, and sometimes very bad results when some people just have too much alcohol and things get out of control. Tonight, I got to experience that first-hand happening for once to someone who wasn’t a friend (or friend of a friend) or myself. Just to sate your curiosity now, no I don’t get violent or crazy, but if I drink alcohol too fast I have issues breathing and start having a panic attack. The main problem with this is that I still don’t know how much is too much and too fast, hence why I’m not huge on getting drunk when it really comes down to it. More »