I usually have trouble staying committed to blogging on here because I never really have a lot of photos to go with my posts – the downside of film cameras but c’est la vie – and since my many other blogs are all photoblogs, this one tends to seem pretty bland. Also, I am afflicted with what was coined in ‘Mean Girls’ as “word vomit” – I basically just don’t shut up, so I know blogging on here will not just be a few minutes of my time.

Ugh, dedication, why was I not born with you??

Anyway, the point of this story is that I just saw a really rad photo, and it’s pretty interesting to me, because before June this year, I would’ve found this photo sickening, not awesome. Shall I explain?

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I’ve been doing a whole bunch of stuff lately, mostly just meeting amazing people from all over Europe (United Kingdom mostly though) and hanging out with them.

I know that I need to blog about everything that’s been going on, from my creepy couchsurfer guy, to English teaching scams, to cocktail buckets on Khao San and so on. But when I think about blogging I really just cannot be stuffed, and I know it’s because I’m one of those writers who needs to be “in the mood” to actually get anything good out. Which will probably be a really annoying trait for me to have seeing as I just got accepted into a Bachelor of Communications (journalism) and my main task will be writing.

Anyway, I’m going to try and get up to date with everything that’s been going on, so stay tuned for things that will probably make my parents a little freaked out. Mum, it was only two cocktail buckets AND I shared them!

So lately I’ve been missing travel just a little bit. And by a little bit, I mean every second of every day. Yesterday I suddenly heard myself telling a friend’s mother that I wanted to be a flight attendant, a tour guide or work on a cruise ship. Jobs I have never before considered for myself but now find myself very interested in because it means working and travelling at once, and not having to constantly leave jobs and a life behind to go off and explore somewhere new.

I’m also finding that I’m looking back on travel with rose-coloured glasses, and remembering a lot of things differently to how I felt when I was actually experiencing them. I’m not sure if this is a natural thing to happen when you get back from travel, if everything just seems much better than it was, or if it’s just because I miss travelling so badly that I’m telling myself I liked it a lot more.

Even though a lot of places we visited I wasn’t very interested in (this was my last chance to be a disaffected teen okay, quit yo judgin’) there were definitely some that I knew I wanted to really experience and spend a lot more time in, or there were places that I just had really great experiences in. More »

So today I am having an epic struggle. I just got hired to write articles and someone is going to actually pay me for it. Awesome, right?

Not really so much. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I started jumping around all excited when I got the email that said someone wanted to pay me to write for them, and the poor guy who happened to be sitting next to me must’ve thought I was out of my mind. So I’m really excited to write, and I was more excited to find out my first article was going to be about travel. I’m practically a travel master by this point, so I figured it would be really easy. Except when it came to the first sentence, I was stuck. Writer’s block was so bad that I couldn’t even write a BAD sentence to get me started.

So I started talking to my friend felix who lives in England, and I asked him what the coolest place in the world was. He told me something I really didn’t expect. He said “wherever you feel safest.”

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Please excuse any parts of my site that may not work properly in the next week.
I’m currently going through some theme changes at the moment and may not have time to jump on and keep fixing any bugs that may arise.
If you find something broken, please head on over to my contact page and let me know.
Also, if you know of a good, clean, simple theme that is a lot nicer than mine is now, PLEASE let me know!

Because I’m just about ready to pay hundreds of dollars for a course in coding to make my own damn theme. I hate the ones on WordPress at the moment.

There’s SO many things I could be writing about right now. I should tell you about my cooking classes and riding elephants and white water rafting in Thailand. I could tell you about the scams at the Cambodian border and small children and monks who managed to scam me. I should tell you about the long boat to Laos and all the great people I met. I could tell you about riding (and crashing) a scooter in Vietnam, and the tailor that wanted me to marry him. I would tell you about all this. Except why should I?

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Okay, so this title is completely misleading. But don’t worry, I wanted it to be.

I love blogging. If you leave me alone with a laptop and even a semi-questionable Internet connection, I will barely be counted in the world of the living until I need food or drink, or the computer dies. And even then, I can go another twenty minutes or so before I act on any needs. Not gonna lie, I once continued trying to scroll down my Tumblr dashboard for a few more minutes after my computer died out. In my defense, I had had no sleep and was outside where the screen was practically black in the sunlight anyway. Stop it. Stop judging. I’m actually vision-impaired. So you’re JUDGING A DISABLED PERSON. I hope you feel bad.

Regardless of what a bad person you are, this post is about blogging. So just try and focus on that instead of your imminent acceptance into the fiery pits of hell.

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This is pretty much my new life motto, based on recent events where I was brave and didn’t chicken out on stuff I usually would back right off from. I learnt how to ride a motorbike (low-powered enough to be considered a scooter I ‘spose, but whatever) and it was really great. I crashed it too, and got ZERO SYMPATHY from my “friends” because I’d tried to April Fools them earlier that day that my little brother had a motorbike accident. Karma sucks.

I’ve also decided that if I manage to not be a wimp and bail from this trip or exciting/scary things that I have the chance to do by the end of the year, I’m going to get this as my first tattoo and spend more time ensuring I stick to a motto. Considering my previous motto was something like “always have a jacket” and I came up with it in summer, in Queensland, this should be easier to stick to.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

If I was interested in work ethics, this would be a great motto for anti-procrastination, but whatever. This is about not being a coward.

P.S. I wasn’t going to write another post, but then I realised I’m behind all the way from Cambodia, AJ promised to make an effort to read my blog, and my dad was worried I’d been injured in the earthquake that recently happened in Indonesia because I’ve been so slack at posting, Facebooking, Twittering, etc. So there’ll be more. Blegh.

P.P.S. This extra little bit under the photo was meant to be short and sweet, but apparently nothing has changed since my high-school essay days (which is actually only like… 6 months in the past, so gimme a break)

Alright, so it’s no big mystery that I’ve been seriously off the radar lately. After my post about travel blues, I decided that something really needed to be done, and I needed to decide whether I was staying on this trip or heading home. Not gonna lie, there was a big part of me that wanted to go home. But instead of getting angry with me, after my mother read my post, she was pretty understanding and we sat down for a while to decide what we were going to do. And of course, being us, we decided nothing.

The next night, I decided I was going to go home. I wrote up a pros/cons list that looked something like this: More »

I have finally decided that I’m not going to use Tumblr for my travel blog anymore. It’s a really great idea to begin with, but in fact, people can’t communicate, tell me what they love/hate and all of the traffic on the site comes from within the site. Lame if I’m looking to actually get somewhere and get publicity from this blogging.

So I’m keeping Tumblr for my personal mess of thoughts, emotions, pretty pictures and stunning shoes, and my other side-blogs that only have image-based content. But I’m moving something that I want to turn profitable and public to a better site for it.

Sorry Tumblr! So back to re-learning WordPress and all of the little tricks and secrets I once knew. Tumblr can stay pretty, WordPress can be public. This is hopefully going to be a lot better.

P.S. Tumblr has recently started having massive spasms, and doing crazy stuff like not letting me edit a published post and deleting entire saved posts. Not. Happy.