Tim and I have begun our attempt to pack everything we own into boxes and move interstate in the new year, and it’s coming along verrrrrry slowly. I feel like most days (the days we actually do stuff, I mean) we just move stuff from one part of the house to another. This is really frustrating because we only have two rooms in our house apart from our lounge/kitchen and bathroom, so everywhere is just getting clogged with junk. I’ve been documenting the progress a little bit so that when it eventually does get packed up, we can see how far we’ve come from our mess.

I took these photos about a week ago and already we’ve progressed a little bit.

This is our lounge room, filled with a bunch of half-empty or overfilled boxes, and a handy assortment of household items littered around the floor, such as spices, shoes and the local paper, in case we fall over and need to entertain ourselves until help arrives. I’ve certainly had an almost-fall more than a few times now. Luckily, it’s a tiny bit tidier this week, which is good, because I can feel our bird judging us.

Lounge room

Getting into our house is a minefield operation lately.

Also located in our lounge room is our couch – which we haven’t sat on in about a month but are desperately trying to palm off on Gumtree. So far, no takers, and I feel like it might be going to the Salvos at the end of all this. Maybe we should list it as a storage unit instead? It looks absolutely the same this week as it did last week – maybe worse.


The pile of crap is too high to sort through.

The spare room is really the only room that we’ve made a dent in. We’ve sold the table, cleared out most of the bookshelf and have most of it packed away into boxes now.

Dining room

The only room that looks vastly different.

And thank god we’ve cleared it too, because now we can see our carpet and I’ve had enough room to realise I have a serious shoe addiction that doesn’t seem to be waning as I grow older. I’d blame my job and it’s requirement for high heels, but it pains me to admit that there’s a few pairs here I’ve only worn once or twice because they’re inappropriate for work and I never go out anymore.


This isn’t even all my shoes!

Our bathroom is a disgrace. We’re currently using it as a floordrobe because whenever it’s sunny, I’m passed out in bed and never wash all the clothes that need washing. Sad to say I’ve never let go of my “try everything on then throw it on the floor instead of hanging it up” attitude. But I’m trying.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)


My mother is going to be super unimpressed by this.

Our bedroom isn’t bad enough to warrant a photo, I have one but it really just looks the same as normal. We enjoy putting things on the bed so that the other one can take it off later and stick it in our dumping ground – the couch.

The last place we really have is the garage – but since it’s mostly Tim’s stuff I am trying to leave it mostly to him, mainly because he’s attached to things I can’t understand attachment to, and we just end up squabbling over stuff.


Tim’s problem!

The main reason I’m making this post is to really show myself just how much stuff we have left, but also to remind myself that in just a week a lot of these rooms look different and better than before. At the moment I’m just finding it hard to muster up the energy to do anything remotely productive, like packing, work (I quit my job today), or my distance ed work. I just want to get into a cocoon and not come out until it’s January 20th. But sadly, I’m a human, not a caterpillar. Dang it.


  1. Did you just coin that term “floordrobe”? I like it. But not the bathroom floor!

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