Marshall (2017)

Release : 2017-10-13
Country : United States of America
Language : English
Runtime : 118
Genre : Drama

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Watch Marshall Full Movie Online Free. Movie ‘Marshall’ was released in 2017-10-13 in genre Drama.
Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, battles through one of his career-defining cases.

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  2. Hi Brittney, I’m so sorry you had this bad experience!

    I am a guy couchsurfer myself, and always am a very decent host. However, I have heard your story a few times from solo travelers so I’d like to give some advice on how to prevent this from happening.
    As a girl traveling on your own, you are very vurnerable. When you are couchsurfing at someone’s house this is even more the case because you need to sleep there and your stuff is in the house. So you want to make sure you have a reliable and decent host. If not, don’t go there.

    I would NEVER recommend a single girl to stay at a man’s house. Always select women or couples. If you don’t have a choice, get a hostel. In the case that you are still confident enough about staying at a man’s house, check their profile thouroughly. Common red flags are sleazy profiles and pictures. Also check if this person only hosts women or has a preference on his profile for hosting women. Is that the case, don’t go there. Last, check the reviews. consider anything slightly negative a nono. Lastly, check if this person has surfed himself. It’s very weird for a couchsurfer to only host, which indicates a hidden agenda.

    I am a decent host, so are many other men who are involved in couchsurfing. I hope this helps in getting rid of the bad apples who can make a very positive initiative into a very negative experience. Safe travels!

    Hugo from Holland

  3. You are brave to share your experience so it helps other female travelers. I am sure this article will help many who dont understand or realize what couch surfing is into. Its a shame that CS expects to be there when such an event takes place to validate . Hope this bad experience doesn’t change your outlook towards travelling and Singapore is indeed a nice place to me.

  4. Sorry to hear about your experience. I know and met someone who seems to fit your description. He had a reputation for getting fresh with female surfers and it makes me angry that he tried to do that with you.

    I hope it hasn’t stopped you from meeting and staying with locals through other channels.

    • Brittney

      Hi Nicholas,

      Thanks for your message! I haven’t couch surfed since, but have instead stayed at hostels and tried to meet people in the common areas, etc, so that I can still get the experience of meeting people, as well as attending a few meetups in cities, rather than staying at someone’s place.


  5. I feel bad for what happened to you. Don’t travel alone next time but if you do, just stay in a hostel or any back packers hostel. It’s less than $10 per night.

    Couchsurfing is really scary.

  6. Hey, I’m sorry this happened to you and I’m appalled at the response of Couch Surfing. I know this was written two years ago, but have you tried to contact them again or made your experience public to them via Facebook or twitter etc… I think it’s important for Couch Surfing to have a system in place where people can flag abusive hosts. The fact that they disregarded your complaint (while a smaller complaint would probably get more attention) instead of taking it seriously is extremely worrying.

  7. Random Stranger

    This sounds like an awful experience and I feel terrible you had to go through this. I was just looking up for couchsurfing experiences and yours showed up. Unfortunately there’s tons of guys in this world who’d do the same thing and its just a matter of luck. Hopefully you’ll be luckier in future not to come across such people because noone should go through this.

  8. If your parents were in Singapore at the same time you were, why didn’t you just stay with them to begin with?

    • Brittney

      They were staying at a hostel that was out of my price range, and I was interested in trying couch surfing as I’d heard a lot of things about how it was a great way to see the city and meet interesting people. I wanted to travel independently, as I’d just spent 5 months earlier that year with my parents.

      However – I don’t think the appropriate question to be asking in this situation is “why didn’t you do XYZ?” I think the appropriate thing to question is why this guy thought his behaviour was acceptable with a complete stranger in a city unknown to them. Surely anyone with sound logic can see that his motives were not innocent if this is how he acted, knowing someone was out of their comfort zone and relying on him to a degree.