I feel so sorry for this blog. Основы развития бизнес-стратегии

I haven’t written to it since I was overseas. That’s over a month ago, mainly because I don’t want to think about all of the things I did while I was overseas. It was so fun and carefree and since we’ve gotten back we’ve mainly been stressed.

About a whole variety of things. Petrol costs, bank balances, phone bills and every other bill possible, health insurance, job seeking.. It feels like it’s been a massive stress party, and I’m the hostess with Tim as my unfortunate guest. There have been a few screaming and crying episodes where everything seems like too much, and there have been many sulky mornings and nights when we get on each others nerves.

And as you can see by this post so far, there hasn’t exactly been much fun stuff to write about. I’ve not really been in the mood to write about the things we did overseas because of the lack of internet access here (which means no pretty photos to go with posts) and so instead, I’ve been distracting myself with a million other things.

The upside to the neglecting of my blog is that my uni work is finished and submitted on time (so far, one down and two to go) and I have been making a lot of journal entries for future projects, as well as starting other projects of my own and working on some with my mum. So things have been getting done, I just haven’t had the energy to log on and write about it. I’d promise that will change, except we all know it won’t.

So instead, there’s your update. I’m not dead, and I’m still writing. And I will muster up the courage to write about my adventures soon.

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