If you’ve been paying attention (and reading this blog) then you should know by now that I’ve moved home and have been trying to decide what I want to do with myself now that I’m sans family. Of course, the first thing I have to do to be able to well, live, is get a job.

Now, I’m not really keen on the idea of a job, and of work. My idea of a perfect ‘job’ is doing something I love and enjoy, but one of the sad facts of my life is that I am just not educated or qualified enough to be considered for any positions doing something I genuinely enjoy, unless chance steps in and something unexpected and brilliant happens. And whilst I’m  not a pessimist, I do live in a world of logic, and so I know the chances of a publisher finding my blog and asking me to write a book are very slim. Which means I need to go and join the workforce, become a productive member of society and all that jazz.

However it seems with job-searching, I greatly overestimated my talents in life. *sigh* If only I could list “brilliant blogger” as a skill on a resume. I applied for about a hundred jobs, maybe even more than that, but I only have emails from the people who were interested in telling me I’d been rejected. It was very frustrating to constantly apply and be rejected for jobs and I was considering a life of homelessness and wondering if Brisbane had any good soup kitchens. But then…

I finally got an interview.

All that waiting. All the applying, the stressing, the unbearableness of ten rejection letters in one day, it could be over with this one chance, this one interview. A place in the city, a similar company to one I’d previously worked for, the same position I’d previously worked in, and THEY called ME after reading my resume on a careers website. I was certain I was going to nail this interview and get the job.

And I did.


This is the point in time where I become a really annoying blogger. You know, the one you want to strangle with a mouse cord or beat viciously with a hard drive. Because I’m going to end this post here, and post the second half of tomorrow.

Luckily for you, if you’re reading this now then you can just click here and go on through the second half of this post. Aren’t you lucky!

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