Before I get started, you have to admit it. You totally thought, even if only for a second, that this post was maybe going to be about something really sleazy, just from reading the title. Right?

Well get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about travel games!

The only reason they would be classed be some as “inappropriate” stems from what we’re doing. Uppity people would probably rant and say that we’re degrading people and religion for a mere game. In response to that, I say…


What we’re doing as an ITA (Inappropriate Travel Activity) is turning a game we used to play at home into a travel game. Pretty ingenious. At Christmas time, my younger brother Jono introduced to us a game called Spotto.Whenever you saw Christmas lights or Christmas decorations you had to shout Spotto! It was good fun, but Christmas does come to an end eventually and so does the game.

So we decided to keep it going. And since we’re travelling, we decided it would be a good idea if we found something new, and unique to travel, to play Spotto with. And we totally found it.

Yay for monks!

This is seriously the best version of Spotto we’ve ever played. Not only could we play it all year round (if we were lucky enough to continuously see monks) but it’s also a lot more fun than just seeing people’s Christmas lights, and you can play it anywhere. It’s also totally awesome to hear my mum shout out “SPOTTO!” on a crowded bus and watch my sister shrink with embarrassment. It fills me with glee.

Plus, I think (most) monks are completely adorable. I don’t know why. Blame The Hangover 2, which featured the cutest monk I’ve ever seen!

Something I’ve learned. Thai monks wear the orange/saffron coloured robes according to tradition, and the Tibetan monks wear maroon coloured robes. There’s a fun fact for you!


  1. well i never monks have a different colour on there clothes but you ever noticed they all have shaved heads regards grampa

    • Brittney

      According to Jono, they all have different haircuts!
      This is what he told us when we tried to ‘spotto’ a monk that he claimed to have already seen. He said he could tell he’d already gotten him because the monk had the right hair! Haha

  2. Haha I love Spotto! My family and I used to play it in the car, only we say it when we see a yellow car. I do think it’s a bit degrading of you to say you think “all monks are adorable” – I know you’re being kind but it’s very condescending and monks are proud and strong in their beliefs, they do not take kindly to being referred to as adorable.

    • Brittney

      I don’t think it’s any more degrading to say “all monks are adorable” than to say “all kittens are adorable” really. I don’t mean that their robes are cute or anything, I mean that I genuinely think older people are really quite endearing.

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