So something kind of mind-blowing has happened recently – I’ve had to add that I’ve actually got a published work to my resume!

Even if the subject is kind of whacky and may seem like it’s not at all related to travelling, it was something I have a lot of life experience in, and it showed me that writing about things you’ve experienced is much easier than writing fictional stories and trying to imagine what these imaginary people are going through. Maybe I was never cut out for fiction, because characters echoed people I knew and myself, rather than taking on a life of their own. Maybe I was always meant for non-fiction writing? My blog does go very well when I actually pay attention to it…

I think that’s another thing I like about books – when you’re done writing, they’re there and finished. It’s not constantly progressing and doesn’t need to be tended to and maintained all the time. Maybe this is why my plants always die? I like the idea of something being finished, tied-up neatly and ready for consumption by others. There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment knowing you’ve completed something.

And this feeling of completion is sooo good that I’ve started planning for a bunch of other books again. Since nobody is paying me this time, I have free reign to write whatever I want, and this time it’ll be just my name on the book – not that I mind sharing the cover with my awesome mother. So while I work on my next few books (which actually means write a lot, drink a lot of coffee, and then delete a lot go text) you should go and check out the newly-published ebook.

If you buy it now, you’ll also get a free book that’s the start of my mum’s next series, the A – Z of Travel Planning. So you can learn how to clear your junk, make some cash, and then put it towards a good cause – travel! And it’s dirt cheap – you really have no excuse now!


Garage Sale Etiquette: How To Make Money, Have Fun, And Not Punch Anyone In The Face!

I feel so sorry for this blog. Основы развития бизнес-стратегии

I haven’t written to it since I was overseas. That’s over a month ago, mainly because I don’t want to think about all of the things I did while I was overseas. It was so fun and carefree and since we’ve gotten back we’ve mainly been stressed.

About a whole variety of things. Petrol costs, bank balances, phone bills and every other bill possible, health insurance, job seeking.. It feels like it’s been a massive stress party, and I’m the hostess with Tim as my unfortunate guest. There have been a few screaming and crying episodes where everything seems like too much, and there have been many sulky mornings and nights when we get on each others nerves.

And as you can see by this post so far, there hasn’t exactly been much fun stuff to write about. I’ve not really been in the mood to write about the things we did overseas because of the lack of internet access here (which means no pretty photos to go with posts) and so instead, I’ve been distracting myself with a million other things.

The upside to the neglecting of my blog is that my uni work is finished and submitted on time (so far, one down and two to go) and I have been making a lot of journal entries for future projects, as well as starting other projects of my own and working on some with my mum. So things have been getting done, I just haven’t had the energy to log on and write about it. I’d promise that will change, except we all know it won’t.

So instead, there’s your update. I’m not dead, and I’m still writing. And I will muster up the courage to write about my adventures soon.

Okay so this may jinx me a little, but I’ve spoken very little about this position until now so I figured I can finally spill the beans!Укладка нового пола? Легко!

Today I’m off to Walgett, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. Why? Because someone is going to pay me to go down there and hang out and do some paperwork. I’m not going to be so tell-all with the finer details until I’ve really experienced it, but from the information I’ve been given it seems like an amazing job! I’m actually super excited and I’m looking totally fly today as well so that always helps.

Just a quick blog post to break my absence and let you all know that if this is a sham and I’m killed in Walgett (dear god no) I would like to be buried in back with coins on my eyes. Open casket!!

See you soon xo

It’s no real secret that there are a million “teaching English jobs” in Bangkok for people who are travelling and looking for work, and it shouldn’t be a huge secret that most of these “jobs” are total scams. Usually it’s pretty obvious that it’s all crap because there’s no real office, the people barely speak English themselves, etc. Which is where the company that calls itself FTC Educational Services comes in and changes the game.

I saw a flyer for FTC when I was wandering around Banglamphu in Bangkok, which is right near the tourist area of Khao San, if you’re not schooled in Thai geography (and who is?). It was just stuck to a phone box, and I saw a lot more stuck to walls, next to ATMs, outside 7/11’s – basically most of the places that tourists would be frequenting. It has an email and a number for a man who goes by the name of Arthur, Arthur Wood. So, being keen for some extra cash and adorable Thai kids, I shot Arthur an email and told him I would be willing to teach English until I left Bangkok in three weeks time. He emailed me back really quickly and had great English (first reason I thought it would be okay) and told me it would be around 300 Baht an hour and I could come in for an interview tomorrow, and get free accommodation there if I got the job.

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We’re all more than aware that alcohol will have an effect on pretty much everyone who consumes it, and we know that it differs from person to person, and even sometimes with people, the effects differ depending on their drink. It does things to us, and that’s usually why people consume it – to get that something.Заборы

But just as we’re all aware that there are good effects, it’s also widely known that there are bad, and sometimes very bad results when some people just have too much alcohol and things get out of control. Tonight, I got to experience that first-hand happening for once to someone who wasn’t a friend (or friend of a friend) or myself. Just to sate your curiosity now, no I don’t get violent or crazy, but if I drink alcohol too fast I have issues breathing and start having a panic attack. The main problem with this is that I still don’t know how much is too much and too fast, hence why I’m not huge on getting drunk when it really comes down to it. More »

I hope you’re all dying to know what is going on with my employment status right now! So here is the rest of yesterday’s post

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If you’ve been paying attention (and reading this blog) then you should know by now that I’ve moved home and have been trying to decide what I want to do with myself now that I’m sans family. Of course, the first thing I have to do to be able to well, live, is get a job.

Now, I’m not really keen on the idea of a job, and of work. My idea of a perfect ‘job’ is doing something I love and enjoy, but one of the sad facts of my life is that I am just not educated or qualified enough to be considered for any positions doing something I genuinely enjoy, unless chance steps in and something unexpected and brilliant happens. And whilst I’m  not a pessimist, I do live in a world of logic, and so I know the chances of a publisher finding my blog and asking me to write a book are very slim. Which means I need to go and join the workforce, become a productive member of society and all that jazz.

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