So everybody makes resolutions on the New Year, and by about mid-February (if we’re lucky) we’ll have forgotten about them or given them up. I’m notorious for breaking all of the resolutions I make every year – once I was only 6 hours into the new year before I’d broken one. And once you break one, it’s a lot easier to let the rest go as well.RPK Tramplin

Lately I’ve decided I’m going to try and fight my natural defeatist attitude in life, so that I can actually get things done. To help, I’ve decided to stop making resolutions for the new year, and instead I’m just going to make resolutions right now. Actually, let’s call them goals. Resolutions just seem like they’re doomed to fail – a goal is waaay more achievable.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

So here are my (travel) goals:

And just for the sake of it, here are some personal goals as well:

You might be asking “Why is this loser posting goals we really don’t care about?” Well, first off, I’m not a loser because I actually won $10 on a Scratchie the other day. And secondly, it’s to keep me motivated. Now that my goals are on the Internet, I feel a lot more pressure to stick to them and not crash and burn out after three days. So if I’m slacking, I want people to let me know!

Now, before I begin. If you’re not someone who is into signs or spiritual things and tend to scoff at them, then I suggest you just leave this post now. Leave it and leave our friendship intact because I’m going to probably say stuff you think is weird and I still want to be mates (and not have you think I’m an idiot.)RA Grani

If you’re still with me then good. It means you semi-believe in fate, signs, etc or it means you want to see just how weird I really am. Either way.. I am someone who believes in signs and I find it hard to say “oh, it’s just a coincidence” when things all seem to point towards one thing or seem to be showing me something. DON’T JUDGE ME because this isn’t the weirdest thing someone has ever said, and certainly not the weirdest thing I’ve ever said. Be glad that I’m not like Jim Carrey from ‘The Number 23’ because that kind of sign-searching can get loco, real fast. I’m pretty controlled in my whole “universe is talking to me” thing, I promise. Why am I talking about this? Because today I was getting some pretty crazy signs.

I had an interview for a summer casual job today that I woke up excited about. The fact that I woke up at 5 am feeling awful should’ve been my first indicator, but I’m pretty oblivious. By the time I finally got out of work, after they kept me back, I missed my bus to the station. There was another one in half an hour, but I was filled with this complete lack of interest in going to this interview. I just didn’t want to go, at all, anymore. But I made myself get on the next bus, and everything was going fine. Until the bus broke down.

Luckily, Luke was on his lunch break and was lovely enough to come and pick me up and take me to the station. Where I missed my train by one minute. Sixty freaking seconds. Anyone else seeing some signs here? Cause I am.
After I waited around for another half an hour, I caught the train and made it to the shopping centre where I had my interview. And I wasn’t even late, how awesome, right? Wrong.

Because the store where I was meant to have my interview? Doesn’t exist. Isn’t there. I couldn’t find it on the map, in the directory, on the Internet and I couldn’t even find it after walking around each level of the shopping centre three times. So I travelled for forty minutes, for what? To try and go to an interview in a store that doesn’t exist. But wait, there’s more!

Yeah, my life is like a bad sitcom that isn’t ever funny. After I walked out of the shopping centre, I sprained my ankle really nastily. Then some guy nearly ran me over with his bike, while slurring out some kind of pickup line. Then the guy at the ticket office wouldn’t let me use the student card that I just used two hours prior and I had to pay the full fare – which used up the rest of my cash. Such an awesome day!

I can’t really help thinking that my initial sense of foreboding, the sudden “omg I do not wanna go” thoughts, they should’ve been the first indicator to just not go to this place that wasn’t even there. I wasted my money, my afternoon and I feel totally crap now after a whole day of the world yelling “YOU’RE AN IDIOT” at my face and just ignoring it. This has been a bit of a whiney post and I may delete it, I just needed to vent my spleen and get it all out. But tell me, if you’ve stuck through the sob story this far, do you ever get signs or feelings that there’s a message floating around that you need to see/hear?

I hope you’re all dying to know what is going on with my employment status right now! So here is the rest of yesterday’s post

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If you’ve been paying attention (and reading this blog) then you should know by now that I’ve moved home and have been trying to decide what I want to do with myself now that I’m sans family. Of course, the first thing I have to do to be able to well, live, is get a job.

Now, I’m not really keen on the idea of a job, and of work. My idea of a perfect ‘job’ is doing something I love and enjoy, but one of the sad facts of my life is that I am just not educated or qualified enough to be considered for any positions doing something I genuinely enjoy, unless chance steps in and something unexpected and brilliant happens. And whilst I’m  not a pessimist, I do live in a world of logic, and so I know the chances of a publisher finding my blog and asking me to write a book are very slim. Which means I need to go and join the workforce, become a productive member of society and all that jazz.

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So today I am having an epic struggle. I just got hired to write articles and someone is going to actually pay me for it. Awesome, right?

Not really so much. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I started jumping around all excited when I got the email that said someone wanted to pay me to write for them, and the poor guy who happened to be sitting next to me must’ve thought I was out of my mind. So I’m really excited to write, and I was more excited to find out my first article was going to be about travel. I’m practically a travel master by this point, so I figured it would be really easy. Except when it came to the first sentence, I was stuck. Writer’s block was so bad that I couldn’t even write a BAD sentence to get me started.

So I started talking to my friend felix who lives in England, and I asked him what the coolest place in the world was. He told me something I really didn’t expect. He said “wherever you feel safest.”

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