Okay so Oregon has always been a pretty big thing with me since that time I decided to set one of my many lame stories there. Before you peg me as a Stepehenie Meyer wannabe, it wasn’t for the cloudiness, okay? There was a cave and a town with painted bears everywhere and that’s what drew me in – like it’s really any better. The town is Grants Pass, if you’re wondering. Pretty rad place from what I researched. But the coast is beautiful, the woods are beautiful. This place is basically a dream come true for me, with the whole “untamed wilderness” thing going on that really attracts my greenie side.

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Okay so I’ve previously talked about how much I love photoblogging and I spend a whole lot of time wishing I could bring that addictive aspect of my blogging life and deposit it here, so that I actually feel enthused to log in and blog every day. So I’m going to start setting up photos to post every few days of places I want to visit. This idea stemmed somewhere between my mother’s Favourite Fotos, which are photos she takes and posts every week, and my aforementioned urge to make this a more image-y blog. Plus, I am obsessed with just about a million different places in the world, and what better way to keep track?Крокодил

So. Death Valley. I have this photo on my other blog from a while back, when I was nostalgic for the rocky mountains and hills that make up the land surrounding the highway through Arizona and New Mexico. It’s either of Manly Peak, or from Manly Peak, I’ve no clue. I just think it’s so gorgeous, and whilst I’m well aware people die in Death Valley every year, and with my carelessness I would probably be one of those numbers if I went, it just makes me more interested in going. What’s travel without a little danger?

Honestly, dying of heat or thirst out here probably wouldn’t be that bad, as long as it’s at sunset.

So lately I’ve been missing travel just a little bit. And by a little bit, I mean every second of every day. Yesterday I suddenly heard myself telling a friend’s mother that I wanted to be a flight attendant, a tour guide or work on a cruise ship. Jobs I have never before considered for myself but now find myself very interested in because it means working and travelling at once, and not having to constantly leave jobs and a life behind to go off and explore somewhere new.

I’m also finding that I’m looking back on travel with rose-coloured glasses, and remembering a lot of things differently to how I felt when I was actually experiencing them. I’m not sure if this is a natural thing to happen when you get back from travel, if everything just seems much better than it was, or if it’s just because I miss travelling so badly that I’m telling myself I liked it a lot more.

Even though a lot of places we visited I wasn’t very interested in (this was my last chance to be a disaffected teen okay, quit yo judgin’) there were definitely some that I knew I wanted to really experience and spend a lot more time in, or there were places that I just had really great experiences in. More »

So if you know me, then you’ll know that I commonly link music to a memory or a frame of mind. Friends are constantly with me when I scream “THIS SONG” and begin to ramble about some totally obscure event that happened over ten years ago in my life.inFOLIO Research Group

So today when I was loading up a song I’ve been into recently on YouTube, there just happened to be an ad for a song that I heard over and over and over again while we were driving across the States. I wish I could remember where we were headed when this song came on, driving through the hills past huge power line towers, with the radio crackling in and out. Because that’s the time that is imprinted in my memory, and that’s what I’m thinking of as I listen to this song once again, back home in Australia without my family around me.

There’s SO many things I could be writing about right now. I should tell you about my cooking classes and riding elephants and white water rafting in Thailand. I could tell you about the scams at the Cambodian border and small children and monks who managed to scam me. I should tell you about the long boat to Laos and all the great people I met. I could tell you about riding (and crashing) a scooter in Vietnam, and the tailor that wanted me to marry him. I would tell you about all this. Except why should I?

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We were getting ready to leave Yosemite (after hanging out with Family Trek for a couple of days) but of course, not before we hung out and used their free wifi! I think everyone should be proud of me, and probably more proud of my sister Kate, for not using wifi the whole time we stayed there. Seriously, we should get medals that say “Resisted Lure of Internet due to Waterfalls and Mountains” – hang on a moment while I Google and see if we really could have medals made…

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Alright alright, put the pitchforks and flaming torches down! This is my post, my blog and my domain name (that my mother pays for) so I will tell you all my opinion. And it’s this – the Grand Canyon ain’t all that. Sorry America, sorry Arizona.

I’m a forest and mountains girl. That’s the way it’s always been and it’s never going to change. Rocks produce absolutely nothing from me. No tugging at the heartstrings, no gasps of beauty, nothing. Because rocks are BORING AND DEAD. Okay?

Now trees. Forests. Grasses and dirt and worms and roots and birds and foxes, and in Yosemite’s case, bears. ALIVE. Totally wins.

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So there’s a whole bunch of stuff I want that I dream/cry about at night because we’re travelling, on a budget, have no room, or whatever other reason my parents chuck at me. Seriously, people say pregnancy cravings are bad, but I’m having real life cravings.

They’ve gotten so bad that when we go into a shop I pick things up and say “If we were on a REAL holiday, I would totally buy this!!” There’s also been plenty of stores I’ve gotten all emotional in because they’re selling something so perfect and I absolutely cannot carry it.

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So I already posted about lessons I learnt solely from LA so far. If you’ve lost track of what’s important in life and haven’t been desperately checking my blog each and every day, then the link to the previous part of this post can be read here.