If you missed part one of this post, feel free to read it here to get the full story of the overnight train from Butterworth to Bangkok. 

I didn’t sleep much in the night, but when I did it was a decent nap. Listening to my music helped to drown out the noises of the carriage, but we were right near the door so it was a lot harder to fall asleep. We also had the fan on all night, so I nearly froze to death! I tried to roll over a little, and got a bit freaked out because I nearly fell out of the top bunk! I’m an average-sized 17 year old and even I was pretty much too big for that bed.

These little tables are hidden right under your feet!

I’m not sure how the breakfast system works, because they took our breakfast orders the night before, but I did see a few people go to the food carriage for breakfast or order it in the morning. The food was actually alright, though the “toast” is barely toasted cold bread, and the ham really is just a slice of ham. We survived though and it wasn’t terrible. The coffee is also fairly strong, and if you ask for it with milk it will probably come with sugar as well.

After breakfast, everything is cleared up and you simply have to await your arrival in Bangkok. Once you reach the station, everyone will want to get off at once, and I doubt this will ever change. You have to decide if you want to join the crush or just wait it out.

No matter which you choose, once you exit the train and enter the large train station building, there seems to be an abundance of staff who can speak understandable English and can help you with any of your queries.

This is a post I was meant to write a week ago, but never got around to it. Sorry for posting out of order, but there are just some helpful hints that I think everyone needs to know!

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