Alright, nobody give me any flack about being such a crap blogger. Because in another blogosphere (my well-loved Tumblr) I am a blogging master and run eight blogs. One of them does have about 800 followers, not that I’ll ever link that on here. The blog I run and am really loving at the moment is this one, which you can check out if you like pretty outdoor things.

But in case you don’t read this blog or don’t know me on Facebook or are one of those people I’ve just failed to notify, I’m actually living back in Brisbane, Australia. Currently I’m living with my best friend Bek, and whilst right now we’re in more of a one week sleepover than a living together situation, it seems like it should all turn out fine.

I won’t lie, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t fit in with my old friends, or that, well I’m not sure. I just felt like I was so excited to be back to a life I actually knew, and my biggest fear was that everything would be turned upside down and really different.

But (just like all the world-weary twenty-three year old travellers told me) except for more construction for the new train line they’re building and chopping down trees for, everything is still the same! People are in the same jobs, the same houses, driving the same cars. Yeah, more of my friends are in uni and we’re all slowly getting driving logbooks approved and will soon be licensed to drive by ourselves. But nobody has done anything great, or made a huge change. Nobody has travel plans or life plans or job plans or study plans or plans that revolve around anything other than parties, really.

Which I guess is fine. My friends are mostly seventeen and eighteen, so partying and work and driving are pretty much the only thing on their minds. Which is why I feel a little weird that I have no interest in working, I’m less than excited to take a driving test (my logbook I dug out of storage with 100 hours of driving was approved, thank goodness) and I’ve never been a huge party girl so I’m not really into that either.

Me, a weird teenager that wants opposite things to most, if not all, of her friends? Whatever, that’s been my life since I became a teenager.

It’s not like I don’t want to work or get a job. I do, purely so that I can be independant and don’t have to rely on anyone for food or money or going out of whatever. I guess I want my own car, but since public transport rarely gets on my nerves and registration for a car is expensive, I’m not overly fussed about making that happen. I just had my car sold when I was away, I hardly need another money-sucking battery-killing weird-noise-making machine that I can barely understand and will just make me less inclined to do exercise.

I’m so weird! Ugh.

This is really a cheat post, because half of it was written a few days after I got back to Brisbane. And the second half, the bit you’re reading right now THESE VERY WORDS I’m writing about three weeks since I got back to Australia. And I’m not even in Brisbane! Stay tuned for that one, I’m in a bloggy mood so I’m going to do a bit of a better job at really filling in the people who still have no idea where I am at the moment. I’ll give you a hint – not anywhere I’ve ever been before.


  1. Are you in China? Egypt? Pakistan? Can’t wait to hear!

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