We’re all more than aware that alcohol will have an effect on pretty much everyone who consumes it, and we know that it differs from person to person, and even sometimes with people, the effects differ depending on their drink. It does things to us, and that’s usually why people consume it – to get that something.Заборы

But just as we’re all aware that there are good effects, it’s also widely known that there are bad, and sometimes very bad results when some people just have too much alcohol and things get out of control. Tonight, I got to experience that first-hand happening for once to someone who wasn’t a friend (or friend of a friend) or myself. Just to sate your curiosity now, no I don’t get violent or crazy, but if I drink alcohol too fast I have issues breathing and start having a panic attack. The main problem with this is that I still don’t know how much is too much and too fast, hence why I’m not huge on getting drunk when it really comes down to it. But moving on.

I’ve only been working at my new job for a few weeks now, and due to policy I’m not actually allowed to negatively blog about the workplace, which is why I won’t mention where I work. So just to clarify, this is not about my workplace afflicting anyone or encouraging anyone to drink, or encouraging drunk people to congregate in a certain area. I am in no way, shape, or form blaming my workplace for the events that went down tonight, at all.

Phew. Alright, now that all the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s get on with it.

Tonight at work I was out back, away from the customers and the general rough and tumble atmosphere. But, luckily for me, I chose exactly the right time to reappear out front to be covered in icy cold Coke, just like the rest of my co-workers and the majority of the customers. Who knew one cup could go so far? Not me, that’s for sure. Before I could slink out back once more and mind my own business, I was asked to attend to customers while I wasn’t busy. It was then that the two guys who were fighting before (one of them threw the Coke) decided they weren’t exactly done with each other just yet. There was more shouting and the usual friends golding their mates back and shouting unhelpful things to the aggressor (the aggressor that wasn’t their friend, that is) to try and make them leave. You’d think by now people would realise that yelling “FUCK OFF YOU ****!!” while making obscene gestures isn’t the best way to convince someone it’s a good idea to just back off and let things go. But like I said, alcohol has effects on people and one of those is usually some pretty whack judgement skills.

Now, after some more yelling I figured they would leave. But it was at that point that I heard “Put down your weapon!” and I (wrongly) thought that the police had arrived and were going to sort these guys out once and for all. Nope, turns out that the guy just wanted to fight the other one without his weapon. Which turned out to be a table leg with a big nail sticking out of it. When I first saw that, honestly, I felt all the blood drain out of me. And as this guy started to threaten everyone within an arm’s length with his glorified, mutilated piece of home furniture, I felt sicker and sicker, and sicker. Maybe I just get too dramatic about things, and I know my mother would probably agree. But I was in shock, in horror and mainly, disbelief. The unarmed guy had a couple of girls, his friends, around him trying to get him to leave, and the guy with the weapon just kept swinging and stopping, swinging and stopping. I was so terrified for these people, for all of the customers in the building if he actually made contact. My manager called the cops, and I was sent out back again with a job.download full movie Pixels

I didn’t see the rest of what happened afterward, but I did see the police come through and start rewatching security footage, and I saw that we’d stopped showing the Olympics on our TVs and were now just broadcasting live from the security cameras on them, so the managers could keep a better watch on the whole place. I know that the next time I spoke I couldn’t catch my breath and I could feel my heart pounding everywhere and hear it in my ears. It scares me a lot how close I came to seeing someone attacked for something that wasn’t their fault, for something that wasn’t even a real problem in the first place. And what makes it worse is that all of this animosity, all of the bad feelings and exaggerated anger, it all came from an attempt to have a few drinks, have a bit of fun and a good time. I doubt anyone earlier imagined their night would end with them nearly being stabbed and beaten, or in the back of a police car, arrested.

I’ve always been wary of alcohol, mostly because it can have such horrid effects on me that really made me feel like I was going to die the first time it happened. I thought I’d gotten alcohol poisoning and that was the end, that was it, I was dying and it was all my fault for being stupid and drinking underage. Should I blog about underage drinking? Let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen all over the world – we know it does. Whatever. But after tonight, after the mayhem and upset and general just icky feeling that now can’t seem to shake off (nearly two hours later) I’m going to be that much more cautious, if I consume it, or if my friends or people I’m surrounded by consume it, and I’ll probably be considered more of a bore than I am now for not drinking. But if it keeps my friends and myself safe, then hey, I’m boring. I was going to blog a little more about the effects of alcohol and maybe find some tips on staying safe, but I’m probably not the best source of information, and I also need sleep pretty badly because it’s six am and I should’ve gone to sleep when I got home.

In addition to all of the anger and upset that went on tonight, I saw so many drunk drivers who didn’t even seem to think twice about the fact they could barely string a sentence, let alone put the car in drive. Everyone should remember that drink driving is for losers, and if you do it, nobody thinks you’re cool, or great for taking them all home. Take a taxi for god’s sake. The eighty dollar fare is going to be a lot cheaper than your $8000 funeral. Duh guys. Don’t let the alcohol affect you that badly.

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