This is just a little post to keep me sane because my life is so busy at the moment, and it’s also to remind me that I need to consistently blog on here so that people will actually visit and have something interesting to read. (helpful hint: it’s not this post)Mountains PhotoAlien: Covenant movie downloadwatch full film Raw

At the moment I’m about to tell my boss I need time off, and next week I’ll be booking flights home so that I can give her a definite return date and make sure that I’m able to get a full six weeks off, which is the timeframe Tim and I have settled on for our trip.  I’m also trying to get everything together I’ll need for my upcoming trip to Melbourne (19 more days!) which includes money for accommodation, packing & unpacking my bag a million times and putting away as much of my pay as possible before I go so that if I do get the urge to spend, I have the means to do so. I’m hoping, however, that I keep my head screwed on and don’t spend any money by reminding myself that by the time I’m in Melbs, it’ll be less than 100 days until I set foot in Malaysia and everything is cheaper over there.

Ahhhh, I’m so excited to be going, I keep having dreams about temples and markets and tuk tuk rides. Only 105 days left now, and I will be spending all but about 75 of those. An interesting thought!

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