Tim and I had a little spit the other day.. He was stressed about how we had no time left and had SO MUCH TO DO! He was stressed, which makes me stressed, which makes us both very wound up and cranky and a bit shouty. So to calm him I had to explain that we really don’t have that much left to do now.

I have one more shift at work, and then I’m officially unemployed. We got our international driving permits the other day (they’re not even valid in Vietnam!) and we’ve sorted all the clothes we want to take with us overseas and have our backpacks almost finished.

So now what’s left is packing for Melbourne, sorting our backpacks for the final time, packing the remains of our stuff into our car, selling my bed, and purchasing travel insurance for the both of us. I should also probably start doing some more study for university – I’ve kind of fallen off the bandwagon after submitting my first assignment and don’t even know when the next one is due – oops.

Update: Just logged into my university forum and discovered that my assignment, which must include two interviews with a politician and a member of the community relating to my chose issue, is due in less than three weeks. And is actually due after I’m overseas. Faaaaark. So instead of messing around tomorrow, I’m going to have to news gather and somehow find a newsworthy story, find people to interview, and conduct these interviews via phone whilst I’m in Melbourne with Tim. Joy!

This post did have a point, but now that I’ve instantly converted into stress mode for uni, I’ve completely forgotten what it was. So I’m going to give the computer to Tim so he can write a more useful post for his website instead.

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